English Courses in Scotland
Studying English in Scotland
Its impossible not to love Scotland, they have contributed so much to the history of Britain. Scotland is a country packed full of sights, sounds and experiences that will tease your senses and make you fall in love with the country. If you want to study English in Scotland get prepared for a good time and an experience that you will never forget.

English Courses in Scotland

For students looking for a home-from-home when it comes to studying English abroad, you should definitely take a look at Polar Choice’s English courses in Scotland. The patriotic and historic Scotland has world-class education facilities, breathtaking landscapes and interesting culture & heritage. International students on an English course in Scotland should expect to receive a warm welcome and be able to ease right into the simple life from the moment you arrive. Wherever it is you choose to take an English language course in Scotland, you will be able to find somewhere to live that suits your lifestyle- whether you’re looking for a vibrant city life or quiet country life. The country has so much to discover, and with over 30,000 international students heading over to Scotland every year, you can be sure to be welcomed with open arms by both fellow students and the warm and friendly locals.

Stunning Scenery

The Scots are well known for their competitive nature and passion for sports- after all, they invented football, golf, the rugby sevens and, of course, the Highland Games. All of which you can do anywhere in Scotland, both in leisure centres with your mates or by joining local teams. One of the best activities to be sure to do whilst studying an English course in Scotland, are mountain biking and hiking whilst completely immersed in the incredible views tall over the country! Other than hiking, nature offers you other sports on its lochs and rivers: sailing, fishing and all kinds of water sports. This is a great way to make friends and practice your new English language skills.


If you’re a student looking for something a bit more metropolitan, Scotland has 7 main cities; Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dundee, Stirling, Aberdeen, Inverness and Perth. These cities are all very cosmopolitan and have great public transport systems for getting around. If you want to love outside of the city you’re studying in for a quieter lifestyle, there are many towns and villages that are within an hour’s public transport commute to the cities. Scottish cities are lively and full of attractive, student-friendly bars, clubs and some of the best music venues, and the huge events that run throughout the year, such as the summer rock festival T in the Park and the world famous New Years Eve street party, are definitely not to be missed. In Scottish cities you can spend your days lounging in cosy cafés, warm pubs and delicious restaurants, soaking up the local history & culture, as well as experiencing the famed shopping areas with everything from vintage boutiques to designer stores.


Putting aside your stereotypical mental image of tartan kilts and bagpipes, there is much more to living in Scotland than you might think. One theme that remains throughout the whole country is it’s great history and heritage, and not just the tiresome kind of history. Every region is home to many heritage sites that take you around fascinating architecture and buildings, relive battles and the rise and falls of monarchy, as well as hikes through the amazing countryside and it’s historic remains. You’ll discover bits of history absolutely everywhere in Scotland, and being able to join in on some of its fantastic traditions and quirky customs is great fun.

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