English Courses in Oxford
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As well as being a medieval delight, Oxford is actually a very youthful and cosmopolitan city. The city has such a young population due to its heavy number of students residing here, many of which are university students studying at the world-famous and highly prestigious Oxford University, but many are also international students that are studying English courses in Oxford at the just as prestigious and highly accredited language schools. Famed for academia and its awe-inspiring architecture both ancient and modern, Oxford has much more to offer than meets the Google search. There’s a whole world of cobbled street shopping, diverse eating and drinking, inspiring arts and cultural activities, as well as acres of countryside and parks waiting to be explored whilst studying an English course in Oxford.

English Courses in Oxford

Very fitting of a foreigner’s stereotypical image of charming England, Oxford has been the heart of learning since the medieval times, which has evolved the city into an extremely student-friendly area, and created an entirely unique living experience for students and young professionals. As far as being specialists in the English language goes, we think that having the worlds most recognizable and prestigious English dictionary is probably as good as it gets! But as well as creating The Oxford Dictionary, the city is home to some of the best and most highly accredited English language schools in the world which will look fantastic on your CV. International students come from far and wide for the opportunity to study an English language course, and luckily enough there are all kinds of levels and classes to suit everyone. But out of study hours, the city has plenty on offer to suit everyone, too. Whether you’re into hardcore historic culture or hardcore partying, you can do it all in Oxford. It’s easy to meet people and make friends too, as there are so many students and international students residing here.

Dreaming Spires

One obvious benefit of choosing to study an English course in Oxford is that you will have one of the most warming and homely views lying on your doorstep. The city is renowned for it’s delightful skyline of ‘dreaming spires’ and, believe me, architecture has never felt so welcoming! As Oxford is surrounded by Instagram-worthy countryside, you can view the preserved historic skyline for miles around- a view that will soon remind you that you’re home for many students who take an English course in Oxford.


Now if you know the iconic themes of Oxford, you will know that no one can visit or live in Oxford without trying their hand at punting. Punting? I hear you ask, is England’s very own alternative to Venice’s gondola. A punt is a long, flat boat that you propel by pushing a long, metal pole into the riverbed to glide you along the relaxing river. During summer you can grab a picnic and a few friends and daze your gloriously sunny afternoon away punting.

Oxford Chic

Another great aspect of choosing an English course in Oxford is being able to live close-by to one of the most creative and original shopping experiences around. Even charity shop and vintage store buys are chic in Oxford, which helps when you are watching the budget! And you can literally shop for anything you desire in the Covered Market, located right in the heart of the city. The Covered Market is a buzzing hub of clothing & shoe shops, jewellers, barbers, butchers, florists, cafes, gift shops and plenty of other stalls and shops you’ll love.

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