English Courses in Ireland
Studying English in Ireland
The Craic is common phrase that means “what is happening” its used on a daily basis and its this mix of English and Irish cultures that makes Ireland and amazing destination to study English. If you do not select Ireland as a destination to study English courses then we would strongly recommend that you take the time and visit the emerald isle. Ireland as a country is a wonderful experience for tourists and Dublin as a city provides a memorable stamp on your passport. The city is vibrant during the day and comes to life at night.

English Courses in Ireland

If you’re considering taking an English Language course in the UK, it will definitely be worth your time to look outside of the English borders. For an international student, Ireland has a lot to offer in terms of a fantastic student lifestyle, magical culture and history, and of course, some of the world’s best English courses can be found in Ireland. Speaking to students both past and present who’ve studied an English language course in Ireland, or students on any course or degree for that matter, they have all had great experiences and fell in love with the country. As an international student, living in an electric city with plenty of green spaces, enjoying a chilled out but vibrant and fun-loving young atmosphere with both the locals and other students is a great opportunity to make unforgettable memories. The student lifestyle and culture in Ireland is different to that of anywhere else in the world due to the country’s patriotic love for being completely original.


Some of Europe’s most recommended cities to visit are in Ireland, and these places tend to attract a huge number of international students every single year. For a one-of-a-kind experience when it comes to studying abroad, Irish cities are keen to please! Ireland has some great traditions and customs to become a part of, such as the world famous St. Patrick’s Day and other patriotic calendar days, bizarre superstitions, interesting folklore stories and general public merriment! Indulging in Ireland’s past, both historic heritage and mythological beliefs, it will really help you to become a part of the jolly, sociable country.


If you love exploring the great outdoors then you will be right at home here in Ireland. Every inch of the country is wonderfully picturesque, with acres of magical green countryside, mesmerizing steep coastal cliffs that conceal quiet, ‘secret’ beaches, and an abundance of quaint and charming old villages to discover- it’s definitely a dream come true for your Instagram!


Aside from the great lakes, huge mountain and some of natures finest national parks, the other thing Ireland is famous for among the students generation, is its night-life. There are endless bars, pubs and clubs to test out, and you’ll meet lots of other international students that are also on English courses in Ireland to join in on the shenanigans. In Irish cities such as Dublin, you can find popular and vibrant clubs and bars that have a really cosmopolitan and modern feel, as well as having an abundance of traditional Irish pubs. Its likely that many cities around the world you’ve been to have had there own adaptation of an Irish pub, but it cannot compare to a night (or even day!) in a real Irish pub, drinking good beer surrounded by the passionate and witty locals and listening to some proper Irish music- there’s no atmosphere like it. And of course, you’ll drink some, or a lot, of Guinness. Steady on the Guinness though, the Irish will drink you under the table every time!

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