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When international students are considering studying abroad in the UK, they often forget to look past England. Ireland is a magical country with enchanting heritage and traditions that have made it the European hotspot it is today, and this is especially so in Dublin. As the Irish capital and the biggest city in the country, Dublin is student’s dream, being the modern, vibrant and convenient city that it is as well as rewarding an easygoing, rich and cultural lifestyle to those willing to go with the Irish flow.

English Courses in Dublin

Nowhere in the world is quite like Dublin. The city almost gleams with excitement in welcoming you here, with the cozily compact city centre and happy-go-lucky nature of the locals it’s easy to feel like home. There’s something about the Irish charm of the city that makes it so unforgettable, but the many unique quirks and hidden gems of Dublin are what helps to create its lovable character. The population of Dublin is an international one, and the city is well known for being a student city, so among the tourists and travellers from all around the globe you will also be able to socialize and befriend thousands of people in the exact same position as you. The friendly locals will be extremely welcoming and interested to hear your story, before they tell you theirs- the Irish are famous storytellers! Although Dublin can be a very costly experience, it doesn’t have to be. Once you find your feet, students on English courses in Dublin usually begin to think like a local and know the best spots to go to. Tourist areas can be avoided, but even in hectic areas like Temple Bar, residents will introduce you to the hidden gems that won’t burn a hole in your pocket. Life in Dublin goes at a steady, enjoyable pace and you can definitely make the most of some of the world’s best pubs and night-life while you’re here.


Students on an English course in Dublin can expect stress-free travel on their way around the city. Forget over-crowded, stuffy public transport, as everything in Dublin is easily accessible by foot (although buses and the metro are an option). From pretty and boozy Temple Bar and the vibrant night-life around Harcourt, to the green St. Stephen’s Park and the cosmopolitan shopping on the north of the River Liffey. As a cosy town-sized city, it won’t take you long at all to know your way around. And while we’re discussing location- wandering out into the close proximities of the city, you’ll discover the most quaint little villages and breathtaking beach scenes, giving you the best of both city life and country life.


A common misconception you tend to come across about Ireland is that the locals are unfriendly. It is, in fact, quite the opposite. What makes Dublin so unique and charming is how welcoming and proud the locals are of their city. Dublin is a city that has fortunately been able to maintain its general mentality as a friendly village with warm and open residents that seem to know everyone and everywhere- they will always be more than happy to come over and point you in the right direction or give you some insider’s tips and tricks. Brace yourself for the Dubliners banterous humour and sarcasm, they aren't afraid to ‘take the mick’ out of new friends, or even themselves.


In-between drinking beer in the endless amount of pubs, soaking up local history and culture, and exploring the mysterious narrow streets and lanes of the city, students on an English course in Dublin can get involved with the many variety of festivals going on throughout the year. Ireland is a country that loves carnivals and festivals, even more so than most countries in the world! So it would be hard to miss the chance to experience them yourself as a student here. You can count on there being some form of cultural, historical, musical or arts festival happening almost every weekend throughout the city and surrounding villages. There are also annual sports, nature and science events to get in on, too. These types of events are not to be missed, and quite often won’t even hurt your wallet. Carnivals and parades take to the streets, the parks and the town squares, so whether you’re just watching or fancy joining in, it won’t cost you a penny!

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