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Only 50 miles from the London, Brighton is young, quirky, town-sized and has all the perks of being by the sea, whilst still maintaining the cosmopolitan city-life benefits too. Being the hipster of the UK cities, Brighton attracts thousands of students and young professionals each year to come and live in this vibrant and fun-driven city. Students who choose an English course in Brighton can reap the fun factors of both living in an old seaside town and living in a modern metropolitan city.

English Courses in Brighton

A beautiful area with a buzzing atmosphere and exceptionally diverse population, Brighton is one of the most popular cities by the sea in the UK and has been famously nicknamed as ‘Little London by the Sea’. Students both past and present on English courses in Brighton love the city’s unique and eccentric vibe. With well over 25,000 students living in the city, and over 40% of the city’s population being in the younger categories, there’s no wonder that Brighton is such a thriving youthful city. Thousands of international students decide to head to the city, including those on an English course in Brighton, and love the life they are able to live there. Although one of the city’s common features with London is the costly expense of the area, students are offered an abundance of affordable alternatives to be able to live within their means. For example, Brighton is a great advocate of super-trendy yet cheap markets, vintage and junk stores, charity shops and sell & swap events for clothing. If you want to eat out, fish & chip shops away from the bustling areas are ‘cheap as chips’ so to speak, and many pub grub restaurants do two-for-one or other offers, along with some nicer restaurants offering student discount.

Student Favourite

Although it’s a tourist attraction, Brighton Pier is a favourite of students living in the city. As seaside town piers go, Brighton is up there with the best. As well as theme park rides and amusements (your typical English getaway stuff), the pier has some awesome food-to-go, including of course fish & chips, and a pretty great social scene. The pier has regular events and has three bars that play live music and gigs as well as playing live sports matches- and being over the sea makes it a really cool place to hang out.


Brighton also has fantastic night-life all over the city that attracts every kind of party lover. The bars and clubs vary in taste from hardcore house, to electric dance, Latin beats and of course cheesy pop. But what attracts people from all over the world to Brighton is it’s incredible, thriving gay scene. Some of Europe’s best gay bars and clubs are in Brighton and are celebrated by it’s residents- both gay and straight as they’re just so much fun! The city has some fantastic annual events too, running one of the UK’s favourite Pride festivals, as well as The Carnival of Diversity and lots of popular music festivals.

The Promenade

Another one of the best things about Brighton that makes it a favourite above other UK cities for international students is that they can enjoy the beach life. When the endless amounts of greenery and parks don’t cut it, you can relax, study or hang out with friends on the beach. Best of all, the seafront has free WiFi access! Even when the English weather is living up to its reputation, the beach has an attractive promenade with shops, cafes, restaurants and bars to chill out at overlooking the beach. In the nicer seasons you could also try your hand out at some cool beach and water sports like volleyball, sailing, wakeboarding or surfing, which are all really popular with the locals.

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