Student Accommodation in London
Student Accommodation in London
So, you’re considering moving abroad to the English capital city to study and revel in London’s cosmopolitan lifestyle? We don’t blame you! London is great for students, both local and international. With over 360,000 students heading to the big city every year, and over 26% of those being international students, London continues to thrive as a youthful, student city year on year. But with that many students, millions of other inhabitants, and a reputation for being one of the most expensive cities in the world, how will you find affordable student accommodation in London? That’s where Polar Choice comes in. We can help you find the perfect accommodation and English course in London for you before you even arrive.

About Our Student Accommodation in London

Here at Polar Choice we can help you to find the perfect accommodation if you are moving to London with your friend or partner. With great locations throughout the city, our double rooms are bedrooms with a double bed in a shared house or apartment, but we still ensure that they are available for students on a budget and that you are getting the best deal possible without compromising on quality. Coming furnished with double bed, wardrobe and drawers, our double rooms in London are great for international students or young travellers moving to the city with a friend or partner, or even alone if you require the space and privacy and can afford something a bit more expensive that a single room.

Across London

Our student accommodations in London can be found throughout the city, some areas are more common than others, such as Wimbledon or Tooting, which are both popular locations to live. All of our London rooms to rent are located well for your convenience, and are generally within a close proximity of Central London.


One of the best things about living in London is that no matter where about in the city you live, you will always be within walking distance of a bus, train or metro stop, so you can get to the other end of the city within the hour! Language schools, world-famous landmarks, vibrant city nightlife, thriving shopping districts, popular cultural scenes and green parks are all waiting to be explored from the doorstep of your Polar Choice student accommodation in London.

Utilities Included

You can also forget about utility and maintenance bills too, as our corporate accounts allow us to keep prices low and keep all of your bills and maintenance service included in the original, affordable price. We even have great packages that aim to help you save money and stress, that include things such as airport collection, new linen, sim cards and Oyster rail cards, all under one cheap price.

How We Can Help

We can advise you in making arrangements for your arrival, such as airport transfers and purchasing initial essentials, too. Polar Choice also provides a maintenance service for your accommodation in London, so any problems you have in the house or flat can be dealt with right away. In addition to all this if you are a full time student in London you will be charged just £15 per month towards council tax.

Fully Furnished

We quite often get asked what the hidden costs are behind the cheap yet high quality student accommodation we have available in London. The truth is, there aren’t any, and we are striving to make moving to London an affordable and achievable goal for as many international students as possible. We will aim to understand your needs, and what you are looking for, and be able to find you the most suitable accommodation in London. You can choose between a variety of readily furnished rooms across London and if needed we will also go out of our way to find you an ideal roommate.

Continued Support

The Polar Choice team will be on hand to assist you throughout the whole process from before you move to living in London. We understand the difficulties that come with moving to a whole new country, especially to such a big city like London. Along with the language schools in London, we can provide guidance and expertise on processing Visa applications to make sure it runs smoothly, as well as helping you to find the right language course for your experience and abilities, find appropriate accommodation in London with suitable roommates to match your budget, and answer any questions you have about living as an international student in London.

Still not convinced ?
Renting a room in our accommodation in London is a popular option for students moving abroad, as you’ll be living in a shared house or flat with other internationals living in the city, usually other students or young professionals. This is a great way to meet friends as soon as you arrive, giving you more reason to explore the city and practice your new English skills, making it easier to become fluent in the language. Living in London is perfect for people that want to make the most out of their time in the UK, as you travel easily from anywhere. The metro and public transport systems will get you around the city, and you’ll quickly learn how to use them like a pro. Head over to the main stations, such as St Pancras or Victoria Station, and you can hop on a train or bus to pretty much anywhere in the UK, as well as some other must-see European cities- you could be in Paris, Brussels or Amsterdam in a couple of hours from closing your front door!

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