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Thinking About Sharing a Room?
If you have just arrived in London and are travelling alone don't despair, at Polar Choice we have rooms available for everyone. An option that we are finding ever more popular is the shared room. On occasion we have both female and male room shares available across London and we can help you find your perfect room mate. This type of room is perfect if you are on a budget and our short term rental periods don't tie you in for long periods.

About Our Shared Rooms in London

Packing up and moving to a new city is a fantastic and exciting experience, that shouldn’t be dragged down by the stress and hassle of finding affordable accommodation. If you’re moving to the city by yourself, and don’t mind sharing a room, then we’ve got a great proposition for you. A shared room is a bedroom with two separate beds for you to live in with somebody else, in a shared house or apartment in various great locations throughout London. For your ease, the room will be furnished with beds, wardrobe and drawers ready for when you arrive, and we’ll do our best to find you your perfect roommate.


Shared rooms will always come with two separate single beds, wardrobe & Chester drawers as standard however some of the shared rooms we have may also have additional items such as desks. If you need something for your room and we have it in storage we will be only too happy to place it in the room. In many instances we have two wardrobes in the room however its always advisable to speak with a Polar Choice member of staff before booking.

Minimum stay

The minimum stay period for shared rooms in London is two months when booked from overseas however if you have viewed the room already then the minimum stay period is 3 months. Shared rooms are available throughout the year and we have a good range of rooms to choose from. We try to make sure that all room mates are matched where possible and if you have an issue with your room mate we can discuss alternatives where possible.


Be sure to check with your advisors or use the search facilities on this website to find your perfect room. If you are feeling lazy just ask one of our team to find you a shared room in London they will only be too happy to help.

Still not convinced a shared room is for you ?
A shared room in London isn’t everybody’s cup of tea, especially those who need to have their own peace and quiet in the privacy of their own bedroom. However, there are a lot of benefits when it comes to sharing a room in London if you’re living abroad. Moving to a new country, especially to a big city like London, can be daunting and quite lonely for most people, but sharing a room can usually solve these problems. A shared room is a furnished bedroom with two separate beds that you will share with somebody else- another international student on an English course in London, or perhaps an international young professional living in the city. It’s a great way to make friends instantly, being able to practice English with someone who is also living abroad and learning a new language is something most students love, as well as it being a much cheaper option, which is great for your bank account! Shared rooms vary for your benefit between male rooms to share and female rooms to share in London, and we will do our best at Polar Choice to find you your perfect roommate.

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