Double Rooms London
Thinking About a Double Room?
Double rooms are rooms with double beds and can be for one or two people. The bed will be large enough for two people and the room will be able to accommodate two people with luggage. Some double rooms in London can be booked for 1 person and if you want a room with space then this will be the right room for you. A double room is more expensive than a single room and the price is normally dependant on the size and location of the property.

About Our Double Rooms in London

Here at Polar Choice we can help you to find the perfect accommodation if you are moving to London with your friend or partner. With great locations throughout the city, our double rooms are bedrooms with a double bed in a shared house or apartment, but we still ensure that they are available for students on a budget and that you are getting the best deal possible without compromising on quality. Coming furnished with double bed, wardrobe and drawers, our double rooms in London are great for international students or young travellers moving to the city with a friend or partner, or even alone if you require the space and privacy and can afford something a bit more expensive that a single room.


Double rooms will always come with a double bed, wardrobe & Chester drawers as standard however some of the double rooms we have may also additional items such as desks if you need something for your room and we have it in storage we will be only too happy to place it in the room.

Minimum stay

The minimum stay period for double rooms in London is two months when booked from overseas however if you have viewed the room already then the minimum stay period is 3 months. Double rooms are available throughout the year and we have a good range of rooms to choose from its always better to plan in advance and you can see all of the different rooms by using our search facility.


Be sure to check with your advisors or use the search facilities on this website to find your perfect room. If you are feeling lazy just ask one of our team to find you a double room in London they will only be too happy to help.

Still not convinced a double room is for you ?
Similar to a twin room, a double room in London is perfect for two people who are moving to the UK together who have a tight budget. It can be a tough task trying to find affordable accommodation for a couple or two people moving to London, and our double rooms in shared apartments and houses are becoming a popular solution for both young professionals and students starting an English course in London. The double room comes furnished with wardrobes, drawers and a double bed. Alternatively, our double rooms have also been popular with students who definitely require a double bed and the peace and quiet of their own personal space, and can afford the slightly bigger expense in comparison to a single room. You’ll be content with our convenient locations and homely feel of our properties.

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