Cheap Accommodation in London
Cheap Accommodation in London
If you’re going to move abroad to study or wor, then the UK might be the most obvious option for you. And where better than the bustling, cosmopolitan city of London? However, notorious for being one of the world’s most expensive cities to live in, you might be a little put off by the idea of living in London. But with so much on offer for young people, it would be a shame for students and professionals alike to overlook such a vibrant and exciting city just because they expect unrealistic living costs and expensive accommodation in London.

About Our Cheap Accommodation in London

Everybody knows that London is an expensive city, the cost of living is high however the rewards for living in London are also great. There are far more job opportunities and the true multiculturalism of the city allows people from all over the globe the opportunity to succeed. At Polar Choice we have worked hard on keeping our room rates as low as possible and we believe that our budget accommodation and flexible contract terms are the best in London.

London Affordability

In all honesty, living in London doesn’t have to be as expensive as it seems. Well over 360,000 students are currently residing in London, and seem to be making ends meet, and many surveys have proven that the students in the capital city love living there and don’t want to leave! So, what’s the secret? Our corporate accounts give us the opportunity to keep rental prices for students as low as they are, and allow us to include all of your utility bills, maintenance and guidance included in one affordable price, so that the stress of costly accommodation in London can be lifted from your shoulders.

Cost of Living

Many of clients would agree that once you move here, you will find your feet quickly and become city-savvy. Things such as finding the best-priced supermarket, discovering free museums and events, and meeting people who can introduce you to the best happy hours, cheap pubs and nightclub student nights all contribute towards bringing down your weekly cost of living, and essentially giving you the best experience possible while you’re here.

Ask us

As a London-based company, we know the struggle of cost-related stress whilst living in London, so the least we can do is offer our experienced words of advice for everything from public transport and getting around, to local events and the best clubs for students.

Still not convinced ?
One of the unique things about London is that you can discover everything from one side of the scale to the other. During some recent research, we read about some of the most expensive student accommodations in London, with some rooms being as much as £420 a week! We believe providing accommodation in London should be affordable, without cutting on quality. Polar Choice can help you find a great room in a nice shared accommodation, whether it’s a house or an apartment that can match your budget. From our experience, we know that renting a room in a shared house or flat can tick more boxes than other options, and why? Because it’s much cheaper! You can have your own bedroom, or share a bedroom, in an accommodation with great communal areas and facilities that are all readily furnished for you. You’ll also get to live with other students and young professionals, which is great for building up a social life and practicing your English skills. You can browse our current available accommodation in London through our search page, and see just how affordable our deals are.

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